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& Brand Building
to over 500 Million People

Crowdfunding, ICO
Cryptocurrency Marketing

funding of over $100 Millions since 2015

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Welcome to Onyxxo

We Make Sure Your Business
Gets to Millions of People

500 Million People in the Marketing Database

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, these are just the beginning

Influencers with 100M+ Subscribers

Major News Outlets & Infuencers waiting to showcase your Business to Millions

Become a Globally Recognized Brand

Building a Loyal Follower Base while opening borders and engaging with new Customers.

A History of Success

Specializing in Fundraising on the biggest platforms such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo and specialized ICO.


Crowdfunded on Kickstarter, Indiegogo & ICO


Average Campaign Funding Last 2 Years


Campaigns Launched Since 2014


Cryptocurrency Agency in History


People Reached per Month


Average Funding for All Campaigns


We look forward to having the opportunity to add your Business or Product campaign to our portfolio of Business successes.




We aim high at being focused on quality marketing, by bringing together viral factor and quality content. Building a loyal follower base and keeping them updated while introducing your product to new people is the key to keep a stable growth.

After preparing your Brand, it's time to release it to the world. And with us, the ENTIRE World will see it.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the process works?

Contact us using the form above:

1) Describe yourself and your business

2) What is your targeted market and what you sell

3) What marketing budget you want to invest per month and what marketing is done at the moment

4) What results you are looking for in what period of time. Everything you can tell us about your company is a priceless information.

Based on the information provided we prepare a tailored plan to achieve your goals and start working on delivering you your dreamed results.

Example: Hello, my name is Robert, I own MyCompany:, we sell 3D printers to customers in USA. We launched 2 months ago and so far averaging 10 sales per month, spending $800 USD on marketing on Facebook and Instagram. We need an Expert to improve our campaigns, increase our brand awareness and sales. We would like to get to 50 sales per month in the following 3 months.

Is there a minimum budget?

Yes, you should be willing to spend $10/day or $300/month. We find that if you're counting on a lower budget to get results, this is probably not the best approach for you to take. Also, even if your budget is $5,000 per month, we recommend starting slowly and testing to see what works.

Will you manage and optimize the campaigns on an ongoing basis?

Yes - that's what we typically do for our clients. Our goal is to drive results at an optimal cost per result. After discussing your result idea, we recommend a timeframe you should hire us for.

How many campaigns are included?

That depends on your budget and goals. We diversify the monthly spend. If it takes three campaigns to get the results you are looking for... So in fact, unlimited campaigns, until you get the results you hired us for.

How many audiences can I target? How many ad versions can I run?

This depends on your monthly budget. We're not going to limit those, it doesn't make sense to do that. What matters is dedicating enough budget to split-test effectively, and then managing that process proactively. That's what our team does.

What kind of results will I get?

This depends on a lot of factors - most importantly, the quality of your landing pages and offers. We will send the right traffic to you, but your site is responsible for converting it to buyers. We cannot guarantee sales or results, as we can only control who is sent, not what they do!

Is this a white-labeled service?

Yes, it can be. If you're a business owner, we will connect with your Facebook Page and Ad Account through our business manager. If you're an agency working on behalf of clients, you will add us as an employee within your business manager. Reporting can also be fully white-labeled.