The iotty Light Switch Aims to Create a Revolution in the Lighting Industry

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To help complete the development of the iotty Light Switch, iotty in cooperation with Onyxxo launched an Indiegogo Crowdfunding campaign. Onyxxo did: Complete Social Media Management, Email Marketing, Sales Funnel, Influencer Marketing and Complete Indiegogo Page Management, thanks to which, they are now 100% funded and the numbers are still rising.

The iotty Light Switch is the latest innovation in the smart home industry. Designed with sleek styling and touchscreen functionality, this light switch is a versatile and stylish addition to any modern smart home. The system is compatible with both American and European configurations.

The switches are easy to install in place of traditional light switches so users can get up and running right away. The lights can be controlled using the switch’s touch panel or through the associated mobile app. Users can download the app on any Android or iOS mobile device, making it easy to monitor energy usage and take control over their lighting from anywhere.Using the app, homeowners can set their lights on a schedule in order to have more control over their energy consumption, helping to save money on electricity usage over time. The iotty lighting system can also automatically adjust itself at sunrise and sunset, making sure that users’ homes are never without light when they need it most.

Users can also control their lights remotely using the app so they can turn off any lights that they forgot, even when they are away from home. Geolocation technology enables the system to turn on the lights when the user is on their way home, welcoming them back to their home with the lights already on.

All of the iotty Light Switches are backlit so there will be no more fumbling around in the dark trying to find light switches in the middle of the night. The backlight can be operated on a proximity basis so that it only illuminates when the user is nearby, or on a timer setting. Users can choose their preferred color for the backlighting to suit their decor and preferences.

To see all of the exciting features, check out the iotty Light Switch website.

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Iotty and Onyxxo Team

Facebook Advertising How to

When to use Facebook Advertising

First of all I want to write here some of the most heard answers on why business owners use Facebook Advertising and why they hire Professionals and don’t do it themselfs.

When I started offering Social Media Marketing Services one of the most used reasons why clients want to hire me was:

  • I don’t have time to learn/run/monitor Marketing when I have to manage my entire business !
  • I tried it on my own but I had terrible results
  • I don’t want to waste money learning it for years, I want an Expert that already knows the best techniques

I completely understand these peoples, Facebook Advertising is an efficient and by 2016 statistics #1 Most Profitable Marketing Technique that is available to us at the moment. It can bring amazing results, but it can also bring 0 results and burn all the money. You have no idea how many peoples try their first campaigns putting $1000 per day and getting 0 sales, within a week they are completely broke.

Serious business owners always hire Expert since day 1, to get the best results possible. So the answer to the question “When to use Facebook Advertising” is Immediately, but hire a Professional with proven record.

Whats the Difference between Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising

I get this question very often, the difference is simple. Targeting. Instead of targeting 1,200 keywords, from short-tail to long-tail you target Peoples Interests – so it’s Interest Marketing. You sell tennis rackets ? You will target multiple interest groups such as Sports, Tennis Fans etc. You don’t target peoples that simply search for Tennis rackets on Google (Which would be pretty expensive btw.)

This way you don’t get only Sales and Dirrect traffic but you also build a Community on the Social Channels, and what a community does ? Share, Like and Recommend to Friends !

I can’t even stress this one enough, if you target the right people, with the right ad in the right time, it can go VIRAL. Viral means you pay for 1000 people, and the 1000 peoples share it to their 200 friends (That happens when they only click on the “Like” button, it’s that simple). 1000*200= 200,000 and I think you know where I am going with this, with Google there is nothing like Viral marketing or even a chance of getting more then you paid for.

Is Facebook Advertising all I need to be successfull ?

NO ! This is also a point that many peoples think is true, if you do great Facebook Advertising but you have a Landing page that sucks, or a Website that is slow to load and doesn’t contain a CTA, you are going to fail.

Getting a professional eye check your Landing page, website and your Call to Action can be the difference between 0 and a million in sales !

Thanks for reading and I hope you now know what to do before launching a Facebook Advertising Campaigns.

If you want our Expert advices we have a special packages for you, just click on the image below.

facebook advertising manager


“Marketing helps you understand your user, focus your product on your user needs and take your product to market”

Understand the User

Marketing is not just about Advertising or Social Media, its about truly understanding the market, how to best build your product to fit the needs in the industry. So lets start with understanding the market we are playing with. “Who are the users?” “How we are going to segment/target them?” “How we are going to position our product in front of the competition?”

“You have to start with lighting a spark, not with trying to light whole forest. Moving the match will just burn your fingers, holding the match in one place has bigger opportunity to light a fire”

1. User Segmentation

So the question is where to hold the match in the first place, for the first time. Only few companies are so big to cover the entire market, even the largest ones have to brake down the segments and choose those that best fit to their objectives. Marketing segmentation is marketing strategy that helps you divide the market into subsets of consumers that have common needs, demands or caracteristics. You have to develop the marketing strategy that target customers in specific segment.

Segmentation can be divided into “Behavioral”, “Psychographic”, “Demographic”, “Geographic”, “Occasional” and “Cultural”.

So lets brake down them down:

Behavioral Marketing Segmentation

  • Knowledge of product
  • Attitude
  • Use/Respond
  • Loyalty
  • Benefits -> Think about why a user would buy your product. Is it because you are cheaper ? Or better quality ? Or they just like the style and its trending now ? You have to think and target all behavioral parts somewhere on the website or product page so every user find the one thing why he will like and buy your product. Basically show them why your product is better then all others.

Psychographic Marketing Segmentation

We can get psychographic segmenting by studying users:

  • Activities
  • Interests
  • Opinions
  • LIFESTYLE -> If you understand your target segment user lifestyle you can optimize whole product background to fit that mentality of the current user and increase your chances in making the visitor to return and buy again!

Demographic Marketing Segmentation

Part of demographic segmentation are:
Customer caracteristics

  • age
  • gender
  • occupation
  • education level
  • income

In B2B it can be:

  • Size of the company
  • Number of employees

Geographic Marketing Segmentation

#1 Thing to think about

  • Country
  • Regions
  • Cities
  • Postal Codes

And now lets move to the last marketing segmentation.

Occasional Marketing Segmentation

  • Occasions are independent of customer ! such as:
  • Ice cream
  • Vacation
  • Or just being hungry or thirsty

Cultural Marketing Segmentation

  • Cultural origin
  • Nation wide culture
  • Small region culture

So after you complete your business plan including segmentation of the audience it is time for 2nd part of the article where we are going to talk about Competition Analysis.

Here at we are ready to prepare specific and special marketing strategy right for your business for FREE! Just contact us and start today !

Social Media = Vacation Guide ?

You are not currently using social media to market your business ? There has never been a better time to get started.

We are living in a revolutionary time. There are more peoples that ask on Facebook where to go on vacation than peoples that just search something on Google or ask their real life friends. Yeah ! You heard right !

In almost every country in the world, tourism is an important part of the economy and in the past few years businesses where creating their social media pages and presentations to attract tourists to visit their location or try their services. We discovered that Social Media offer some truly amazing tools to encourage peoples to visit your business.

Is SMM efficient for my type of Business ?

social travel

No matter if you are an airline, hotel, cruise ship, casino, restaurant, resort, tour provider or a destination marketing organization. Effective Social Media Marketing and engagement is crucial to the success of your business.

We all know, planning a vacation for ourselfs or even for entire family is very difficult – Where to go ? Where to eat ? Where to stay ? How we will get there ? What are we going to do all 2 weeks ? Is there something interesting we can try ?

Tools to inspire, encourage and add some extra value for your community by giving travel information, guides and experience, thats how Social Media helps to develop better interaction between travel & tourism organizations, and their customers

In Tourism Queensland’s 2009 “Best Job in the World” campaign they created a global search for an Island Caretaker. The job was to live on Hamilton Island for 6 months, explore the islands around the Great Barrier Reef and blog about it. Tourism Queensland saw over 34,000 video applicants from 197 countries, over 8 million website hits, 378,735 Facebook referrals, a 93% increase in followers and over 610 hours of user-generated content.


Social Media Viral Bomb

Don’t wait and start today

Showing to travelers why your place is the right one for their vacation trip and what you can offer will bring you instant boost in your brand name awareness + will create a community with which you can work in the future.

Does your hotel gets empty every year ? Does your restaurant needs more customers ? What about your event, offer or tour ? Social Media is by far the best option for you to start increasing awareness.

The best thing is, that you can start today and get your first interested visitor immediately. They are not going to find you if you don’t want to make it easy for them.

Contact us. We are ready to help you find the best aproach specifically for your business.

Thank you for reading, hope to hear from you soon !


Every business owner is asking himself what type of marketing is the right and best for the type of product or service he provide and what social media agency can assure results for his business.


B2C Type of Marketing

We can divide these two business types in Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer/Customer (B2C). I have worked with many businesses and 90% of them are targeting to B2C area so in this article we will talk about how can (Good) Social Media Marketing Agency help an E-commerce website (E-shop) to get customers.

First of all I would like to say that it’s not about how big the E-shop is. I have worked with small online shops that were selling just 1 or 2 types of products on a one page website and it works exactly the same as when I work with big E-shop like Amazon or Ebay. ALWAYS its about getting the RIGHT people to the RIGHT product. Doesn’t matter if you have 1000+ products or just one.

customer targeting

Targeting is the most important thing

Targeting is the most important part of every marketing. If you get peoples that want Fitness Products from USA to a website that sell grilled meat in Europe there is almost 0% chance someone will buy (obviously). Every business owners before buying a marketing service has to think about who are his customers (Athletes, Tech Fans), where he would like to sell (Country or Local City ?) also its best if you have some vision or objective that you would like to accomplish this month/year.

I am not saying that you have to think about what age the person should be, that’s up to marketing experts that will get this info from statistics and reports, but some approximates are recommended.

Good Social Media Agency

onyxo-retro-ještě-tlustší-1024x310Before contacting social media agency this things should be ready in your mind and if you mention it in the message it will safe a lot of time. Every good Social Media Agency should offer complete website analysis, competition analysis, landing page services (Crucial if you are selling products and you need A/B testing) and Creation of Social Media Presence.

Here at Onyxxo we provide exactly what any business need to get amazing results and especially important data that every business need to improve and evolve, because those who stay on one place and don’t try new things that can improve their position in front of the competition will just stop receiving new customers.


B2C business depend on new customers otherwise you need to contact old customers that already purchased something and offer them something new. This is called Remarketing and is crucial for bigger stores as their database of customers can be used to get thousands of customers back to buy.

Of course everything big need to start from small so small businesses need to set up this gathering system to get ready for remarketing options. Also this is something what we offer at Onyxxo and I higly recommend to want this feature (Professional Pack have it all).

In Social Media Marketing we use advanced tracking to be able to launch remarketing advertising and its very strong feature of Social Media Platforms. B2C is the BEST type of marketing for Social Media Environment and is highly effective.

So by saying that I hope YOU, owner of Small/Medium or even Big Shops will no more say that Social Media Marketing is not the right marketing opportunity for you. Its the best way to get business running, increasing profit and getting new and new customers.

Thank you for reading and if any questions Contact us on Live chat or by using our Contact form, We will answer within 24 hours 🙂