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Marketing “Marketing helps you understand your user, focus your product on your user needs and take your product


“Marketing helps you understand your user, focus your product on your user needs and take your product to market”

Understand the User

Marketing is not just about Advertising or Social Media, its about truly understanding the market, how to best build your product to fit the needs in the industry. So lets start with understanding the market we are playing with. “Who are the users?” “How we are going to segment/target them?” “How we are going to position our product in front of the competition?”

“You have to start with lighting a spark, not with trying to light whole forest. Moving the match will just burn your fingers, holding the match in one place has bigger opportunity to light a fire”

1. User Segmentation

So the question is where to hold the match in the first place, for the first time. Only few companies are so big to cover the entire market, even the largest ones have to brake down the segments and choose those that best fit to their objectives. Marketing segmentation is marketing strategy that helps you divide the market into subsets of consumers that have common needs, demands or caracteristics. You have to develop the marketing strategy that target customers in specific segment.

Segmentation can be divided into “Behavioral”, “Psychographic”, “Demographic”, “Geographic”, “Occasional” and “Cultural”.

So lets brake down them down:

Behavioral Marketing Segmentation

  • Knowledge of product
  • Attitude
  • Use/Respond
  • Loyalty
  • Benefits -> Think about why a user would buy your product. Is it because you are cheaper ? Or better quality ? Or they just like the style and its trending now ? You have to think and target all behavioral parts somewhere on the website or product page so every user find the one thing why he will like and buy your product. Basically show them why your product is better then all others.

Psychographic Marketing Segmentation

We can get psychographic segmenting by studying users:

  • Activities
  • Interests
  • Opinions
  • LIFESTYLE -> If you understand your target segment user lifestyle you can optimize whole product background to fit that mentality of the current user and increase your chances in making the visitor to return and buy again!

Demographic Marketing Segmentation

Part of demographic segmentation are:
Customer caracteristics

  • age
  • gender
  • occupation
  • education level
  • income

In B2B it can be:

  • Size of the company
  • Number of employees

Geographic Marketing Segmentation

#1 Thing to think about

  • Country
  • Regions
  • Cities
  • Postal Codes

And now lets move to the last marketing segmentation.

Occasional Marketing Segmentation

  • Occasions are independent of customer ! such as:
  • Ice cream
  • Vacation
  • Or just being hungry or thirsty

Cultural Marketing Segmentation

  • Cultural origin
  • Nation wide culture
  • Small region culture

So after you complete your business plan including segmentation of the audience it is time for 2nd part of the article where we are going to talk about Competition Analysis.

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