Every business owner is asking himself what type of marketing is the right and best for the type of product or service he provide and what social media agency can assure results for his business.


B2C Type of Marketing

We can divide these two business types in Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer/Customer (B2C). I have worked with many businesses and 90% of them are targeting to B2C area so in this article we will talk about how can (Good) Social Media Marketing Agency help an E-commerce website (E-shop) to get customers.

First of all I would like to say that it’s not about how big the E-shop is. I have worked with small online shops that were selling just 1 or 2 types of products on a one page website and it works exactly the same as when I work with big E-shop like Amazon or Ebay. ALWAYS its about getting the RIGHT people to the RIGHT product. Doesn’t matter if you have 1000+ products or just one.

customer targeting

Targeting is the most important thing

Targeting is the most important part of every marketing. If you get peoples that want Fitness Products from USA to a website that sell grilled meat in Europe there is almost 0% chance someone will buy (obviously). Every business owners before buying a marketing service has to think about who are his customers (Athletes, Tech Fans), where he would like to sell (Country or Local City ?) also its best if you have some vision or objective that you would like to accomplish this month/year.

I am not saying that you have to think about what age the person should be, that’s up to marketing experts that will get this info from statistics and reports, but some approximates are recommended.

Good Social Media Agency

onyxo-retro-ještě-tlustší-1024x310Before contacting social media agency this things should be ready in your mind and if you mention it in the message it will safe a lot of time. Every good Social Media Agency should offer complete website analysis, competition analysis, landing page services (Crucial if you are selling products and you need A/B testing) and Creation of Social Media Presence.

Here at Onyxxo we provide exactly what any business need to get amazing results and especially important data that every business need to improve and evolve, because those who stay on one place and don’t try new things that can improve their position in front of the competition will just stop receiving new customers.


B2C business depend on new customers otherwise you need to contact old customers that already purchased something and offer them something new. This is called Remarketing and is crucial for bigger stores as their database of customers can be used to get thousands of customers back to buy.

Of course everything big need to start from small so small businesses need to set up this gathering system to get ready for remarketing options. Also this is something what we offer at Onyxxo and I higly recommend to want this feature (Professional Pack have it all).

In Social Media Marketing we use advanced tracking to be able to launch remarketing advertising and its very strong feature of Social Media Platforms. B2C is the BEST type of marketing for Social Media Environment and is highly effective.

So by saying that I hope YOU, owner of Small/Medium or even Big Shops will no more say that Social Media Marketing is not the right marketing opportunity for you. Its the best way to get business running, increasing profit and getting new and new customers.

Thank you for reading and if any questions Contact us on Live chat or by using our Contact form, We will answer within 24 hours 🙂