Facebook Advertising – #3 TOP Things you Need to Know

Facebook Advertising How to When to use Facebook Advertising First of all I want to write here some of

Facebook Advertising How to

When to use Facebook Advertising

First of all I want to write here some of the most heard answers on why business owners use Facebook Advertising and why they hire Professionals and don’t do it themselfs.

When I started offering Social Media Marketing Services one of the most used reasons why clients want to hire me was:

  • I don’t have time to learn/run/monitor Marketing when I have to manage my entire business !
  • I tried it on my own but I had terrible results
  • I don’t want to waste money learning it for years, I want an Expert that already knows the best techniques

I completely understand these peoples, Facebook Advertising is an efficient and by 2016 statistics #1 Most Profitable Marketing Technique that is available to us at the moment. It can bring amazing results, but it can also bring 0 results and burn all the money. You have no idea how many peoples try their first campaigns putting $1000 per day and getting 0 sales, within a week they are completely broke.

Serious business owners always hire Expert since day 1, to get the best results possible. So the answer to the question “When to use Facebook Advertising” is Immediately, but hire a Professional with proven record.

Whats the Difference between Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising

I get this question very often, the difference is simple. Targeting. Instead of targeting 1,200 keywords, from short-tail to long-tail you target Peoples Interests – so it’s Interest Marketing. You sell tennis rackets ? You will target multiple interest groups such as Sports, Tennis Fans etc. You don’t target peoples that simply search for Tennis rackets on Google (Which would be pretty expensive btw.)

This way you don’t get only Sales and Dirrect traffic but you also build a Community on the Social Channels, and what a community does ? Share, Like and Recommend to Friends !

I can’t even stress this one enough, if you target the right people, with the right ad in the right time, it can go VIRAL. Viral means you pay for 1000 people, and the 1000 peoples share it to their 200 friends (That happens when they only click on the “Like” button, it’s that simple). 1000*200= 200,000 and I think you know where I am going with this, with Google there is nothing like Viral marketing or even a chance of getting more then you paid for.

Is Facebook Advertising all I need to be successfull ?

NO ! This is also a point that many peoples think is true, if you do great Facebook Advertising but you have a Landing page that sucks, or a Website that is slow to load and doesn’t contain a CTA, you are going to fail.

Getting a professional eye check your Landing page, website and your Call to Action can be the difference between 0 and a million in sales !

Thanks for reading and I hope you now know what to do before launching a Facebook Advertising Campaigns.

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