What is Social Media Marketing ?

Social Media is new SEO and Facebook is new Google Hello Everyone, My name is John and I am

Social Media is new SEO and Facebook is new Google

Hello Everyone,

My name is John and I am Social Media Manager at Onyxxo.com, in the past 6 years I was working for multiple companies that were providing all types of marketing, however Social Media Marketing, by my experience, exceed all others.

Welcome to our first post and also welcome to Onyxxo. I hope you will enjoy working with us and that your business will grow from 0 to 1000 after using our services.


But first of all… What is Social Media Marketing ??

Social Media Marketing is the most popular type of marketing nowadays and its, as the name say, launched on Social Medias like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others. Every successfull business owner has to invest into Social Media Marketing unless he wants to see his website without customers, traffic and his brand just disappear in the lake of his competition.

Social Media is new SEO and Facebook is new Google, if you just keep sleeping, and don’t jump on this new wave of marketing opportunities your business will sooner or later just stop to exist.

Social Medias offers hundreds of tools that you can use to promote your business, website, service, products and most importantly they are improving every day and every day you can find some new feature or tool, especially on Facebook & Instagram.

Facebook and Instagram. The best social media pages for business

Facebook and Instagram #1

From my experience Facebook and Instagram are the best marketing platfroms for small to big companies and especially good for E-commerce websites. LinkedIn profile is also a must for a brand and Twitter is a nice plus.

The most visited and active Social Media is #1 Facebook followed by #2 Instagram, hundreds of millions of people everyday login to they facebook profile to check out their timeline and what’s new. Would you like to have your product or website seen by these hundreds of millions of people ?

Social Media Knows it All

That’s the trick which makes Social Media so Powerful. Why would I show my e.g gaming product or gaming platform to tens of millions of people for Millions of $ when I can hire an Expert that will target specific groups of peoples such as gamers. Gaming console users or peoples that like games or are in a gaming group, for a fragment of the price and get 1000% more sales, then just showing it up to everybody and wasting money!

And that’s exactly what we in Onyxxo and me personally do, create a beautiful and catchy Social Media pages, target and optimize the right geographics, interests, age and many other things so your advertising campaigns brings you everything you need to became a prospering business. From customers to brand awareness and community.

Social Media Marketing Types

  • Website Clicks
  • Conversion (purchase, inquiry, sign up for the newsletter)
  • Post Engagement (comments, share, like, retweet …)
  • Increasing number of subscribers (page like, follower … etc.)
  • Download of web or mobile applications
  • Video Plays

Here is an example of reports you get from Social Media Marketing (In this case Instagram)

social media reports example

Social Media Marketing is the power of tomorrow. Every business will start to use it, sooner (better) or later (can be too late…) to get his business to the TOP. Do you want to get a head start before your competition ?

Enough talking for now… Lets bring in some global statistics and reports!

Social Media Trends


Thank you so much for reading and once again Welcome to Onyxxo!